Internal&Cylindrcal Grinding machine
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Carbide Die series
patent products

In the application of profile grinding for tungsten carbide die inner hole,Jagura supplies a series of CNC internal&cylindrical grinding machines, including Model JAG-ICG-S200/ ICG-SL210/ ICG-SL410 for complex internal profile grinding,such as external radius, internal radius, inner taper and internal slot, etc.Especially Z1 axis of Model JAG-ICG-SL410 Carbide Die Master is equipped with 4 internal grinding spindles.It is able to install different profile grinding bars on different spindles for complex internal profile grinding, or to install same profile grinding bar with different grit sizes on different spindles.That can ensure die accuracy and make surface roughness approximate to mirror surface.Z2 axis of JAG-ICG-SL410 is equipped with 1 external grinding spindle for end face grinding.Both internal grinding and end face grinding can be completed in one loading.That can ensure the die has high concentricity.As to the control system, it is equipped with our own user-friendly dialog human-machine interface.Operator only to select the required built-in grinding program, set operation parameters and key in required grinding sizes, and then the machine will perform grinding processes.Operator is not necessary to edit G code and M code.It is very easy for operation.This model is very useful and suitable for grinding screw molds, can dies, drawing die, powder metallurgy die and lost wax die.

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